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We offer a range of horticultural & botanical consultancy, design, landscaping & garden services.

For one to one consultancy, please use the contact form to provide your details & requirements.


            Indicates on line services  available for this sector

Garden Plans & Assessments

Garden analysis & assessments

Survey plans & garden designs

Planning advice & evaluations

Modifications & Improvements

Plants & Planting

Plant suggestions: Interior & Exterior

Planting plans & guidance

Planting supply & installation services

Plant Identification

Plant identification services

Weed identification services

Existing plants analysis & management guides

Pest & Disease Identification & Management

Pest identification & management advice

Disease identification & management advice

Traditional controls

Organic controls

Soil Analysis & Management

Garden soils analysis / composition

PH testing

Soil improvement advice & management

Right plant, right soil guides

Pruning & Plant Care

Seasonal pruning advice

Trees, shrubs & herbaceous

Interior & conservatory plants

Plant health & well being


Bespoke Garden Management Manuals

Bespoke garden compendiums

Specific plant care manuals

Bespoke garden maintenance schedules

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