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Design Portfolios

We offer bespoke garden design services for all garden sizes and types, or specific areas requiring design intervention.


Tailor made designs & plans at your request, incorporating the elements you want at a price that suits your requirements.

We also offer a wide range of supplemental elements; from detailed and schematic planting plans, bespoke installations or features, & a wide range of bespoke, advisory horticultural documents.

We also now offer an ONLINE design service where we can create your new garden or planting scheme in complete

digital format, without requiring a personal visit and based on the information you provide us.

This is ideal for small gardens,  make overs, event organising, bespoke feature inclusions, or as a gift for someone special.

For a one to one consultancy, please drop us a line about your garden design & horticultural needs, and we will do our best to provide you with the expert service you are looking for, and a workable plan you can implement with ease.


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