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specialist planting schemes & botanical installations

Plants create places.

 We specialises in bespoke planting design,

plants supply and planting services.


Our passion for plants is reflected in the variety and diversity of plants used in our schemes.


These include all sizes of residential and commercial gardens and landscapes; from balconies and terraces, to large estates, offices and home interiors. 

We also specialise in areas requiring new and supplemental planting solutions, or where individual requirements need to be achieved, such as screening, recreation and erosion management.



  • Jungle and exotic planting, including regional themes.

  • Terrace & balcony transformations.

  • Rock features, contouring and vertical gardens.

  • Contemporary & traditional mixers.

  • Formal Gardens.

  • Aquatic gardens, water-worlds and aquascape interiors.

  • Grasses and drought, desert style planting.

  • Specimen and focal plants

  • Woodland retreats & play areas.

  • Recreation & durability planting.

  • Fruit and vegetables, orchard styles.

  • Conservatory & interiors.

  • Makeovers, displays & event decor.

For a one to one consultancy, please drop us a line about your planting requirements, and the type of theme or 'look' you want to create. We have a wide knowledge base when it comes to understanding which plants are suitable, and how to best implement the planting scheme  for both interior and exterior spaces.

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